Please note the subscription period for series one has finished. Stay tuned for further developments.
You can buy all the prints from series 1 in our Gift Box.

Subscription to Wilkintie offers you an opportunity to collect all twelve prints in our first series. Each month we release a new print by a different artist, which we will send to you in the mail at the beginning of that  month, wrapped in a little parcel of fun. The artwork itself will be a surprise or, if you’d like a sneak preview of the latest release you will be able to view it on this site. But we think the surprise is all part of the experience.

Gift giving

We designed our subscription as a perfect gift for a child, yourself, or anyone who loves children’s illustrated art. Some customers even buy the subscription with the intent of giving some away as birthday gifts throughout the year while keeping their favourites.

Our prints are produced for framing or for keeping in a folio. As this is a collectors set of limited edition prints, we post them in archival sleeves so they will stay in perfect condition for a lifetime.

How it works

Subscriptions allow us to offer our prints at a very affordable price. A limited number of prints are also available to buy individually however, buying a subscription guarantees you all twelve prints, and halves the cost of each print (twelve for the price of six). Please bear in mind that there are a limited number of subscriptions so if you want to guarantee a collection of all twelve prints you may want to subscribe sooner rather than later. Once the subscriptions are sold out there will be no reprinting of any editions.

Series 1 subscription runs from October 2008 to October 2009. If you decide to subscribe part way through the series, you will receive the previously released prints in your first parcel and the rest as they are released at the beginning of each month.


Should you require it we also offer a payment plan. Click here for more info.