Our prints are produced with love, care and attention to detail. We print at Idlewild Press, a boutique letterpress studio. Every print has been carefully produced using the finest materials available, and is checked for quality by trained eyes. We print onto archival-quality, 100% cotton rag (paper) from the 250 year old St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset, England. We also use the finest quality inks on the market.


Our prints are delivered to you in a sturdy archival-quality sleeve. If kept in this sleeve, laid flat, and stored out of sunlight, they will last a lifetime. The sleeve also helps prevent damage by handling.

That said you will probably want to hang them on a wall. We deliberately chose the standard 8×10 inch size as this is a commonly available picture frame size. You can generally purchase these at homewares stores. Glass is considered to be inert, however to prolong the print’s life we suggest putting a barrier between the print and the backing. Ask at a picture framer or an art supply shop for the best materials for this.

Although printed using light-fast inks, the colours of the print will fade if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, and under no circumstances should they be hung in direct sunlight. Prints are best hung on a wall that receives only reflected sunlight.


Width = 8 inches ( 203 mm)
Height = 10 inches ( 254 mm)

We chose the 8×10 format as it is a very common size for photographic prints.


Somerset textured, manufactured by St Cuthberts Mill, England.
Mould-made, 300 gsm Soft White, 100% Cotton rag.
Acid free and rated at 7 on the Blue Wool Scale for light-fastness rating.


The prints are produced in a capped (limited) edition of 400 prints.

Seal of quality

The prints are hand-embossed with a small letter ‘W’ in the bottom right corner.


The prints are hand-numbered.


Due to the concerns regarding the environmental costs of sending our prints across the planet to be signed, and then returned, we have decided to leave the prints unsigned by the artists.