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Well it has been pretty quiet here in for some time and we have decided to not produce any more prints for the time being, however the whole back-catalogue is stil available for purchase. Stay tuned for more news in the coming months.

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VR500 award

Email Marketing Excellence

How odd! We received an email this morning telling us that we were awarded a prize for the success of our email newsletters. Vertical Response ranked us #62 in the world out of 500,000+ accounts.  What does this mean? Just that our subscribers like what we write and are genuinely interested. Click here to add your email address to our mailing list.

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End of markdown period

Our reduced price period has finished. But don’t let that stop you from buying our quality prints at the usual low price :-)

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Wilkintie Series 1 at reduced prices

In anticipation of Wilkintie’s second project, we are now offering Wilkintie Series 1 at a reduced price for a limited time. Sizable savings are to be had on individual prints and the Box Set – about 30%!

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Niels in ‘The Age’

Melbourne’s The Age newspaper has a little profile on Niels (the curator of Wilkintie) in their ‘Good Weekend’ supplement  today. Pick it up to read about his ‘favourite things’.

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New website & gift box

We launched the new Wilkintie website today. Our customers are able to pay in Australian Dollars again, thereby avoiding the exchange rate headaches. Wilkintie V3.1 has a cleaner layout and some new features. Please have a look around and tell us what you think.

We have also launched the new gift box of series 1. This set contains all 12 prints wrapped in archival tissue and features deep laser-etched graphics in the style of letterpress plates, and provide perfect archival storage for the prints. You can buy the gift box here.