About Us

Wilkintie is a project by Carly Hargreaves and Niels Oeltjen, a couple living in Melbourne, Australia. This project evolved from a love of letterpress printing and a desire to collaborate with the amazing artists we discover in our day-to-day lives. The illustration we came in contact with as youngsters shaped our lives and we wanted to create something for today’s children that infuses their lives with the same inspiration and joy that we experienced back then. We also recognise that we are part of a community of grown-ups who love the imagination, whimsy and joy of illustration for children.

We both have a history in creative fields and our experience has led us to create a business that incorporates our love of illustration, letterpress printing and art. Niels Oeltjen is an illustrator and painter better known as Nails. You can find more info on him at his website www.nielsoeltjen.com. Carly Hargreaves has a history in contemporary dance and, more recently, publishing.